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Momentum app

Conceptual Project- Mobile Design

 Momentum app 

Frame 3 (2).png
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Momentum is conceptual mobile application that allows users to become better aware of their spending, by keeping track of income & expenses. Unique to the app is a custom goal generator to help you reach your dream goals.

01 challenge

Personal finance can be a daunting subject for most people. Some avoid it, some keep tight track on it and some...admit to just co-exist alongside it. Money is a persona-non- grata in most circles; a sensitive but imperative issue to be knowledgeable on.

02 gOAL

A financial tracker set to helping you better control your finances. Better know and recognize your spending habits, create a positive view and feel in managing your money. 

03 research | user questionnaire

In a list of questions answered by real people, these four aspects were the most insightful:  


The Importance of money management

Frame 23.png

Attitude towards money

Frame 24.png

Financial Understanding

Frame 25.png

A want to understand more about own finances

Frame 26.png

Most people agree that it's imperative to know your financial standing. 

However, they have a negative approach towards the subject of money.

Which leads to self doubt, unclarity and a lack of understanding in personal finance.

Almost all replied, they would love an easy way to be better educated, and track their spending.

04 benchmark


A local Web Developed service, that allows people to track their finances. 

riseup main.JPG


- Comprehensive user behavior learning.
- Young, vibrant and positive design.
-Financial forecasts, personalized questionnaires,
  one-on one  consult.
- Simple interface, easy to learn, good category  hierarchy. 


-Most of the key features are only for paying users.
- Generic customer care using a WhatsApp bot.
- Desktop design, Mobile-Compatible design- NOT APP. 


A global Mobile App Development service that allows people to track their spending



- Simple UI main area- shows current status
- Colorful design helps detect categories.
- Optional Customization of Categories.
- Simple UX adding expenses.


- No User Interaction to promote data inserts.
- Most of the features are only for paying users.
- Main UI visually overwhelming. 

05 conclusions & key features

Set a positive approach towards money, an on-the-go, quick online tracker.

Mobile Application

Colorful, Vibrant Colors

Frame 8.png

Singular Font Style

"Quick Add" Button

Dynamic Status Tracker

Strong Infographics

Goal Simulator

User Learning 

Custom Categories

Budget Setting

Graphs as visual tool

Push Notifications

06 persona

Meet Daniel! 

Age: 34

Status: Married +2, dog.

Occupation: Freelance Insurance Agent.

Interests: World news, soccer,
cuisine, music, hamburger and beers, bossa nova and playing the guitar. 

Personality Traits: Funny, easygoing, professional, smart, responsible. 


07 user scenario

Daniel is a new app user. He works hard and wants a hands-on reality check for a fast paced environment. Daniel is also a luxury guy, he desires to stretch on a deserted island  with some Mai Tai and an iguana. the wife and kids can join too. An  inconceivable dream.
Or is it? He knows how much he needs, but targeting the funds towards it seems an mpossible task. He decides to use the Momentum App to figure out how and when he can reach this goal and become more the wiser! 

Frame 7.png

08 wireframing

Login / Signup Screen

-Main welcome screen.
-Action Buttons.
- Onboarding icons.

Welcome Screen.png

Home Screen (Surplus)

-Income vs. Expenses live status.
-Sticky lower menu for ease of access. 
-Mobile Hamburger menu.

Home Screen- Signed in.png

Home Screen (Deficit)

Once expenses exceed Income, the tracker changes in size, position & color.

Home Screen- Expenses Exceed (1).png

Sticky Footer Menu

-Four main categories for easy access from every screen
- Quick Add button

Main Category Screen

- Personalized sub-categories with total monthly expenditure, clickable icons for more info.
-Toggle button for recurring/ changing types. 

Sub-Category (List/Graph View)

List View similar to familiar financial statements/ graph view for a better visual understanding of financial distribution

Frame 15 (2).png
Summarizer- Recurring Expenses.png
Summarizer- Expenses- Detail.png

Goal Generator
(a.k.a The Dream Weaver)


-Obtainable goal system software generated from personal data & financial abilities.
-Personalized goal generator.

Personalized Goal Helper

The app helps you understand how and how much to save for a anted goal.

Success/ Failure of Personalized Goal

Based on pre-calculations the app is able to predict if the specified goal is achievable.

The Dream Weaver-2.png
The Dream Weaver- Set New Goal.png
The Dream Weaver-new options.png

09 the design

Click to Play


Click to Enlarge Gallery

Welcome Screen & Onboarding
Main Status Tracker- Surplus
Main Status Tracker- Surplus
Sub Category Icon View- Fixed Expenses
Sub Category Icon View- Changing Expenses
Sub Category-list of expenses
Sub Category-graph of expenses
The Goal Generator Welcome Screen
The Goal Generator- App recommendations
Personalized goal generator
Processing waiting screen
Success Example for a generated goal
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